Being a Tech-Savvy Investor.

The year is 2017, we are in a digital age where there has been an obscene increase in information in the world and internet. Content creation is happening 24/7 and we are at the mercy of fake information and news all the time. North Korea Fired A Missile At Japan! Trump Decides to Allow Refugees Into USA! Singapore Abolishes NS! FAKE FAKE FAKE!
With all the false information going around, the average investor has to sift through tons of news and shady investing gurus around in order to get the true information he needs to make a sound investment decision! In this post, I am going to recommend(No, I am not paid to do so) a few trusty websites/ applications I use to get my daily financial news and conduct my research on!

A shout out to one man who is changing the Fintech Scene here in Singapore, Evan Koh, he created StocksCafe(aka SGXCafe) to meet a demand for a growing community of investors here. On this platform, you are able to maintain a portfolio of SGX stocks and monitor daily/all time performance of your stock holdings, discuss with fellow investors on stocks and financial related news, get daily reads of the local investment bloggers and many more!
For fellow readers who are vested in the HKEX, worry not because stockscafe is going to cover the Hongkong market in the near future! 
My favourite feature
A list of trending stocks that is able to shortlist potential buys; the list is computed with an algorithm that tracks daily transaction value for the past 60days. ( I’m looking at you momentum traders) This allows you to know what is moving and allow you to generate faster returns than stagnant stocks which are aplenty in SGX.
Oh did I mention? It is freeeeee! (Chiong ah!) Be sure to recommend this platform to your friends to thank Evan for his altruism! But to enjoy more premium features, be a friend of StockCafe to support the movement at only $35 a year!
Link: StocksCafe

I just paid for this today after using up my free trial period of 9 days! This website has an app function so it is accessible on the go, wherever you are! This platform allows one to get the fastest updates on any news in the region, access complex FA and TA stock screeners, past year financial results and everything you need to study about the stock! 
My favourite feature:
Insider trades and Company share buyback monitoring; This two functions often(but not always) highlight the stocks which the company or its substantial shareholders feel that it is undervalued! Once you spot continuous purchasing, you can conduct your research into the financials and determine the potential of the stock!
Free trial for 9 days! 
The package ranges from $264 to $525 for a year depending on whether you select the real time price or delayed time price! In fact they are currently having a 25% discount right now, making it even cheaper! (Don’t say bo jio)
Of course there may be better ways to stock picking but this is one method which I have come to use fairly often!

My attention was brought to this app a few days ago on one of the Facebook investing groups that I’m in! Okay, so think tinder… But for stocks. Swipe left to reject and swipe right to invest! Spiking brought the revolutionary dating app to the financial markets. See what the hottest stocks are with its best stock feature! As stock whizzes always advise, follow the trend and ride the waves to profit! But how do you know when the big boys or institutions are making their moves? This app also monitors the purchases and sales of large institutions or even that high profile millionaire you have been idolising!
Favourite feature: 
Buy and Sell transactions of notable figures; you know that this certain millionaire has the Midas touch! But he isn’t a significant stake holder or director of the company, so his trades go unrecorded by SGX! But in this app, you are able to see what he buys and sells, which signals a lot about his sentiments in the potential of this stock! Gain this valuable insight with Spiking today!
FREE , however to enjoy more of hot stock picks, you may have to subscribe to a monthly service or purchase a one day pass to enjoy a swiping spree on hot stocks! They will be launching a premium service in the near future as well!   

Hopefully, these platforms are able to help you  in making better informed decisions as they have for me. I have definitely made remarkable improvements in my knowledge through these platforms! In these websites, there may still be opinionated ideas about some stocks, but as always, practice your own due diligence in trading for a more fulfilling and prosperous investing journey!
What about you? What platforms do you use to get your daily finance fix? Comment below and share it with everyone!

For Honour And Glory,


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