When you have nothing left but money

Recently, a close friend of mine shared a video with me which caused me to really reflect and change how I envisioned my life, when I make it big in the stock markets.
I always thought that when I earn my first bucket of gold, I would buy that dreamy Maserati I always loved, enjoy the finest food the world has to offer, party till the world ends and do it all over again. However, after watching this particular video, I thought to myself ; would I truly be happy with all the material gains?
All of us might have started this journey into investing for different reasons, be it for ego ,fame ,power or hopefully provide financial security for your loved ones. I would like you to watch this inspiring video of a man that once thought he had it all, lost it all and found a new perspective on life through his journey.
Sometimes we get so consumed with improving our financial situation and gaining traction in our career, but pause to think, time does not stop for you to achieve success. While you are out in the world finding your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, your parents are aging and your friends are going to start their families too. Spend some time with your parents as they did when they were taking care of the fine jewel that you are. Do not wait till its too late and they are unable to walk and travel with you overseas.
Do not get lost in the temptations of wealth and remember that our journey in this world is limited, we come into the world empty handed and will leave it empty handed to. Material possessions do us no good when we are dead. Enjoy what you can and pass the excess forward to those who truly need it. Share this post with your friends and hopefully we can influence others in creating a more mindful and civic society in the world. After all, would you be able to live with your riches if you see your close friends getting destroyed by the wealth that they have created? I implore you, do not live a life where you have absolutely nothing, but money…

I apologise for my readers who do not understand mandarin, this video is so inspiring that I would recommend you take up mandarin and watch this video one day.

For Honour And Glory,

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